Sunken Cathedral Cover


01 O viridissima virga (O hail greenest branch) - 10:25

Buddhabox, heartbeats, Bible pages, breath, Tibetan dorje, organ, voice – Bora Yoon
Field recording of songbirds – Tokyo (2009)
Field recording of hailstorm – Santa Fe (2010)
Manton memorial organ of the Church of Ascension, NYC.
Antiphon chant by Hildegard von Bingen (1098~1179)

02 Father Time - 03:34
a chance operation sound vignette featuring multiple phasing metronomes–outlining arrhythmia and the various moving components of time.

ancient Tibetan bowls, metronomes, marine radio, voice, ayoyote, transmission static – Bora Yoon


for Jasky Raju (1980~2005)

Piano, voices, anvils – Bora Yoon

04 In paradisum (Into paradise) - 08:54

in living memory of my father Peter Yoon (1945~1993)

‘In paradisum’ is an antiphon chant from the traditional Latin liturgy of the Western Church. Found at the end of some Requiem masses, ‘In paradisum’ is traditionally sung by the choir as the body is being taken out of the church, as the soul transitions from one life to the next.

Pen scrawl, radio, voice, viola, loose chimes, Bible pages – Bora Yoon
Field recording – Bushwick dogs, EVP (2008)
Microcassette recording of Peter Suk Ryun Yoon (1992)
Buddhaboxes I & II – FM3
Subwoofing spoons – created in collaboration with the League of Electronic Musicians & Urban Robots (LEMUR)

05 잔소리 판소리 (Jansori Pansori) - 04:09

featuring Yuni Yoon
A play on words and love

Voicemails – Mom
Kritalas, snares on Tibetan bowls – Peter Scherer
Hands, aluminum cans, Bible pages, water, voice – Bora Yoon
Field recording of prayers, wishes, and coins tossed at Meiji Temple, Tokyo Japan (2009)

06 O Pastor Animarum (O Shepherd of Souls) - 04:27

Organ, water, churchbells, ark creak, train, timer, voice – Bora Yoon
Manton Memorial Organ and churchbells of the Church of Ascension, NYC
Antiphon chant by Hildegard von Bingen (1098~1179)

07 SPERATUS (Hope) - 02:04

Recorded live at the Park Avenue Armory, by Sympho. A selection from ARCO a site-specific symphonic work co-composed by Paul Haas, Paul K. Fowler, and Bora Yoon for the historic Park Avenue Armory military drill hall in NYC.

Buddhabox, Tibetan dorje, voice – Bora Yoon
Violas, cellos, basses, prepared piano, harp – Sympho
Conducted by Paul Haas


Heartbeats, sand debris, water, Astoria pool, industrial rhythms – sound design
Prepared piano, breath, box, 10-gallon jugs, voice, bowed Tibetan bowl,
audio feedback – Bora Yoon


Piano, voice, horror foley soundbox, loose spare coins – Bora Yoon
Swiss cowbells, sheep bells – Peter Scherer


an electroacoustic choral work, inspired by the medieval song form ‘conductus’ and music’s likeness to the conduction of energy, and the language of signals. Performed by vocal quartet New York Polyphony, Semaphore Conductus speaks to the notion of music as a timeless medium of expression and communication over distances, format, and time. The work personifies the evolution of communication devices in dialogue, tracing the cyclical nature of music and technology across the centuries — and how transcendental and transportive qualities from early music, are found in new music today.

Megaphone, conch, walkie-talkies, voices – New York Polyphony
Gramophone, synthesizer, voice, semaphore – Bora Yoon
Heartbeats, Morse, cellphones – sound design

New York Polyphony is:
Steven Caldicott Wilson, tenor
Geoffrey Williams, countertenor
Christopher Dylan Herbert, baritone
Craig Phillips, bass


from the 51st (dream) state
in collaboration with Sekou Sundiata (1948~2007)

by Sekou Sundiata for the 51st (dream) state
Recorded live at the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival, 2006
Cymbals, Percussion – Chris Eddleton
Violin, voice, cellphones, Bible pages, breath, marching -- Bora Yoon
Shortwave radio transmissions – CONET Project

12 Doppler Dreams - 07:45

Composed and created for site-specific dance work AGORA II, in the empty 55,000 square foot pool basin of the historic McCarren Pool, Brooklyn, NY directed by Noémie Lafrance (SENS Production). Performed by seven sopranos on bicycles, with the audience at the pool perimeter, the kinetic sopranos ride and sing in circles at various sizes and proximity to the pool edge, creating a largescale Doppler effect and unique musical composition for each audience member, dependent upon their specific location within the space.

Voices, bike bells, electronics – Bora Yoon


For best results, please listen with audiophile quality, full frequency response speakers or headphones, during nocturnal hours.


Sunken Cathedral is a multimedia album release by Korean-American composer, vocalist, sonic surrealist Bora Yoon. Designed as an architectural journey through the chambers of the subconscious, each track on the album illuminates a different sonic “space,” which excavates the memories, insights, and intersections in which our greatest diamonds and demons are held. Sunken Cathedral traces death, life, rebirth and the cyclical/recom- binant nature of the universe; the alchemical moment of transmutation where one medium becomes another.

Yoon creates immersive audiovisual soundscapes using digital devices, voice and found objects and instruments from a variety of cultures and centuries – evoking memory and association to formulate a cinematic storytelling through sound design. A site-specific and architectural composer, Yoon writes for a wide spectrum of spaces ranging from an abandoned pool to a Frank Gehry building to galleries and black box theaters.

A 2014 TED fellow, Yoon’s pioneering works have been presented at Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Acade- my of Music, the Nam June Paik Museum (Korea), Singapore Arts Festival, MADE Festival (Sweden), Festival of World Cultures (Poland), Park Avenue Armory, and Walker Art Center, among others.

Classically trained and steeped in a first love of choral music, Yoon is fascinated by the intersection of space and sound, maps, human Venn diagrams, handsome sounding kitchenware, sonorities and the pulleys and strings that hold everything together.

Visual album release with the Graphic Album Collective, coming Spring 2014, featuring the kinetic sculptures of artist Uram Choe: A new application for the iPad, for listeners to visually experience and interact with musical records.