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MULTIMEDIA // ( (( PHONATION )) ) Live w/ Luke DuBois

“A shatteringly beautiful performance.” -Feast of Music

( (( PHONATION )) ) is a multimedia solo performance by Bora Yoon with live video manipulations by Luke DuBois (BitForms Gallery) — exploring where sound connects to the subliminal using found sounds, new and antiquated instruments, electronic devices, and voice.  Using a sound designer’s approach to performance composition that is steered by a penchant for a song, ( (( PHONATION )) ) engages with music as music, and not as part of a genre, taking the means to one end, and using it for another to form new utterances of sound and the beginnings of a new sonic language, within its spatial and architectural context.   In every case, a particular sonic geography is evoked that might be inspired by a simple, found-sound in the world, or an expression of a sonic paradox bouncing around only in the mind.    >>> Download 1-sheet (print quality) >>>

Bora Yoon, vox, viola, cell phones, Tibetan singing bowls, water, turntable, metronomes, synth, custom instruments, electronics.
Luke DuBois, live visuals and projection

Jazz at Lincoln Center
Nam June Paik Museum | Seoul, Korea
Brooklyn Academy of Music
Patravadi Theatre | Bangkok, Thailand
Brooklyn Museum
Casals Hall  |  Tokyo, Japan
New Museum of Contemporary Art | NYC
John Zorn’s STONE
Roulette Intermedium | NYC

Electronic Music Foundation |  Human Voice in a New World
TED@Cannes | France
Intermedia Festival | IUPUI University
MMIX Festival of Interactive Music Technology
Movement Research Festival
Bang on a Can Marathon
Korean Festival, Seoul Korea
Pop!Tech Conference: the Human Impact
Brooklyn NEXT Festival | Brooklyn Academy of Music

45 to 75 minute performances

( (( PHONATION )) ) at Jazz at Lincoln Center | July 2007 ( (( PHONATION )) ) at New Museum of Contemporary Art

( (( PHONATION )) ) at TheaterLab | 2011

( (( PHONATION )) ) at Bang on a Can Marathon | 2008


Sunken Cathedral

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