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MUSIC // My End Is My Beginning w/ New York Polyphony

a unique collaboration exploring the meditative and transcendental properties of sound“Stunning. They created ritual, spirit and benediction.”
-Concerto News

Classical / contemporary program, “My End Is My Beginning”: a unique hybrid co-bill and collaboration between classical vocal quartet New York Polyphony and experimental composer/ performer Bora Yoon – marrying new and sacred music. 

This unique musical program, explores the cyclicality of human expression, pairing Medieval compositions with experimental new music and culminating in the convergence of ancient and modern melodies.

Presented by the New York Art Ensemble in the pristine acoustics of the Church of Ascension, NYC; Merkin Hall NYC; and Woods Hole, MA.   Programmed for sacred spaces, gallery spaces, whitebox, blackbox theaters, and concert halls.

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