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MULTIMEDIA // LEMUR residency & custom instrument design

Subwoofing Spoons | Designed with LEMURBrooklyn’s League of Electronic Musicians & Urban Robots (LEMUR) and I designed and created custom musical instruments to use in performance in collaboration with their musical Bots and Trons. (Bots = musical instruments that are struck / plucked / hit / etc.   Trons = interfaces that send the signals to the bots to deploy).Performance featured new instruments: wireless MIDI boot-trons (deploying LEMURbots via pressure sensors embedded in the soles), MIDI windchimes as audio sampler, voice-granulating theremin, and most proudly, the Subwoofing Spoons.  Here is a little explanation about the inception of these musical interfaces, and a work-in-progress piece composed around the Subwoofing Spoons, with the Buddhabox II, Samsung u740 cell phone, viola, chimestix, radio and electronics –  inspired by recent travels and sounds from Bangkok, Thailand.Special thanks to Eric Singer, Leif Krinkle, and Boris  Klompus.

Sunken Cathedral

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