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MULTIMEDIA // Subliminal Strings w/ DJ Spooky

Classical & contemporary meets hip hop | Live mashups Subliminal Strings | Live w/ DJ Spooky:

DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid continues his signature eclectic collaborations with Subliminal Strings. Partnering with the leading multicultural string players, Spooky explores the intersection of classical and DJ technique.  Featuring live generative video art composed by Spooky, the piece is a hip mix of heavy beats and string melodies.

Special guest players include Min Xiao-Fen, the acclaimed Chinese Pipa master, multi-instrumentalist Bora Yoon, and Yumiko Tanaka, a Japanese Shamisen virtuoso. By fusing the best of East Asian traditional instrumentation with cutting edge audio-visuals, Subliminal Strings is a unique take on the global sound of hip-hop.

The piece showcased NYC’s Bora Yoon at its premiere in the 2006 Sons d’Hiver festival (Paris).

Bard College Spiegeltent, Hothouse (Chicago), Salle Jacques Brelle, DKNY/Weiss Studio, Angel Orensantz Center, St. John the Divine Cathedral, Savannah College of Art & Design, UPENN Rotunda, Jewish Heritage Museum.

Sons D’Hiver Festival (Paris), Roselee Goldberg’s PERFORMA 05 Biennial, Bard Summerscape, Songs of the Spirit, Savannah College of Art & Design, Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Michael Dorf’s downtown seder.


Subliminal Strings | Festival Sons D’Hiver 2006 | Paris

Sunken Cathedral

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