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a surround choral performance piece | cycles per second by revolutions per minute
“CPS / RPM” is a surround choral performance piece, exploring the basic elements of music: pitch (cps, Hertz) and rhythm (rpm, beats), as seen through a telescope, to a magnifying glass.

Meaning ‘cycles per second’ by ‘revolutions per minute’, the piece is anchored by a metronome, pulsing at quarter note = 60, and a choral pulse of A(440Hz) that rotates the audience in clockwise motion.  A double choir  of constancy and patterns is employed to create a harmonic math rhythm complex, where the relationship to the pulse is what breathes.  Cycles come in and out of focus, as akin to the nature of events, time, and life.
COMMISSIONED BY:  SAYAKA Ladies’ Consort of Tokyo

DIRECTED BY:  Ko Matsushita

WORLD PREMIERE DATE:  January 31st, 2009

VENUE:  Casals Hall, Nihon University | Tokyo, Japan

Engraved by: Dana B. Haynes

This piece is specially dedicated to my brother Sang Joon Yoon.  


Sadie w/ lava rock and score..  mid-birth.

Nihon University | Casals Hall

Sunken Cathedral

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