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MULTIMEDIA // Lightning at Our Feet // Michael Gordon & Ridge Theatre

Lightning at Our Feet | Emily Dickinson multimedia songcycle“I Went to Heaven” from Lightning at our Feet:

“the Day Came Slow” from Lightning at our Feet:

In writing rich with wonder and fierce with longing, Emily Dickinson created a new American landscape of the interior, describing a world that finds exhilarating new life in Lightning at our feet, a new song cycle by composer Michael Gordon and Ridge Theater (Decasia, 2001). Bob McGrath directs and Daniel Zippi provides dramaturgy in this evocative, multimedia production steeped in the spirit of one of America’s most visionary artists.

Using voice, amplified strings, piano, electronics, and percussion, four women—Jennifer Charles, Leah Coloff, Courtney Orlando, and Bora Yoon—collaborate with Gordon & Ridge Theatre to reveal the poet’s humanity in hard-driving songs about immortality and love. As haunting video projections by Bill Morrison and Laurie Olinder flicker in the background like half-retrieved memories, Gordon’s hypnotic songs roll on, nudging us ever closer to the essence of Dickinson’s incomparable poems.

“Michael Gordon and Ridge Theater create an exciting, rousing sight-and-sound panorama that puts the viewer in a kind of trance.”—Der Bund (Switzerland)


BAM Harvey Theater
Run time:  90min, no intermission

Music composed by Michael Gordon
From the writing of Emily Dickinson
Films by Bill Morrison
Projections by Laurie Olinder
Dramaturgy by Daniel Zippi
Directed by Bob McGrath

performed & created in collaboration with:
Jennifer Charles { voice }
Leah Coloff { cello, voice }
Courtney Orlando { piano, violin, voice }
Bora Yoon { guitar, viola, percussion, electronics, sonic sundries, voice }

Music Direction by Ted Hearne
Set Design by Jim Findlay
Costume Design by Ruth Pongstaphone
Lighting Design by John Ambrosone
Sound Design by Jamie McElhinney

Musical arrangements created by Jennifer Charles, Leah Coloff, Ted Hearne, Courtney Orlando, & Bora Yoon

Commissioned by Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts at the University of Houston, and BAM for the 2008 Next Wave Festival.

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