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COMPOSITION // Telemegaphone Concerto

audio John Malkovich-ing to Western NorwayShare your innermost feelings with Dalsfjord, Norway!

Telemegaphone Dale stands seven metres tall on top of the Bergskletten mountain overlooking the idyllic Dalsfjord in Western Norway.

When you dial the Telemegaphone’s phone number the sound of your voice is projected out across the fjord, the valley and the village of Dale below.

Telemegaphone Dale is generously supported by Nordic Culture Point, Unsworn Industries and nkd – nordic artists’ centre in dale. Special thanks to Nicklas Marélius, Svein Ove Løseth, landowner Ingolf Viken, and Jörgen Bladh at Kylprodukter i Kivik.

Standing ovations to Bora Yoon for composing and performing the first ever Telemegaphone Concerto for the opening cermony. It was magnificient to hear her clear voice cut through the mountain mists, accompanied by rainfall and the sound of a chainsaw far off in the distance.

Sunken Cathedral

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