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ARCO w/ SYMPHO | co-composed with Paul K. Fowler and Paul Haas


a surround choral performance piece | cycles per second by revolutions per minute

RECORDING ( (( PHONATION )) ) (2008)

PHONATION (Swirl Records, 2008)There’s a kind of boom and bust cycle in modern music (kind of like there is in modern everything) in which certain varieties of music — especially popular and “new” music — are periodically characterized as “dying” or “already dead,” only to then be miraculously resurrected by one or another savior figure/band/composer/whatever, which starts the whole process over again. As with the boom and bust cycle in economics, there also seems to be a law of diminishing returns with each reiteration. Each new claimant to this imaginary musical throne (more…)

MULTIMEDIA // Lightning at Our Feet // Michael Gordon & Ridge Theatre

Lightning at Our Feet | Emily Dickinson multimedia songcycle“I Went to Heaven” from Lightning at our Feet:

“the Day Came Slow” from Lightning at our Feet:


COMPOSITION // Telemegaphone Concerto

audio John Malkovich-ing to Western Norway (more…)

RECORDINGS // Journal of Popular Noise w/ Ben Frost

a semi-annual audio mag, released on 7'' records, John Cage 'score' style“Funcomfortably Yours” – fucked up spine-cracking audiophile fun :


COMPOSITION // Semaphore Conductus

a live choral sound installation in surround | communication's evolution through time

FILM // Samsung Anycall (Korea)

Bora broadcast in Korea — starring in Samsung Anycall commercial film for nightly 9pm news timecheck.  Posted below for your amusement & multi-culti bemusement.



an aerial dance piece untop Frank Gehry architecture  |  Fisher Center, Bard College


MULTIMEDIA // The 51st Dream State // by Sekou Sundiata

Sekou Sundiata's call to a Nation, on the precipice  | a multimedia work“New American Theatre” by Sekou Sundiata & Bora Yoon:


DANCE // Agora II w/ Noémie Lafrance in the 55,000 sq ft McCarren Pool

Staging the historic McCarren Pool (more…)

MULTIMEDIA // Subliminal Strings w/ DJ Spooky

Classical & contemporary meets hip hop | Live mashups Subliminal Strings | Live w/ DJ Spooky:


Sunken Cathedral

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