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CIRCULAR TIME :: cellphone-tune PLINKO.. as 1800s Edison cylinder!

I am thrilled to share exciting news of the release of cellphone ditty PLINKO as an 1800′s Edison wax cylinder — as part of the unique wax cylinder archive, recorded and curated by the brilliant Aleks Kolkowski.

Connected up through WIRE magazine, where I first befell upon this man’s wonderful machinations and installations, and works — when the lovely Kurt Gottschalk wrote about the Stone show in that month’s issue as well– I found out about Aleks’ remarkable cylinder archival series, which would feature a wide range of adventurous acoustic music, electronic music, experiments, field recordings, poetry and prose, voices and songs,  by a wide variety of artists including Simon Waters, Ikue Mori, Phil Niblock, Tetsuo Kogawa, Robert Yates, Jaap Blonk, and more.

As every speaker is a mic, and mic a speaker — Aleks utilizes and resurrects the oldest Edison players to lathe sound on to the record.  I was thrilled to hear he was just as excited about this idea, and we are both very proud to announce this modern antique relic, which strangely manifested (I learned later) on the memorial anniversary of my father’s passing of March 19th, the evening of the enormous full moon perigee..  Ah cycles perfecta.

All the entries have been recorded and reproduced mechanically and acoustically, using horns and early 1900s Edison phonographs | more info >>>


I watched the film “What the Bleep Do We Know” — which explores the metaphysics and science of energy, intention, and matter.  Within this film, there was a very insightful segment on a Japanese scientist, Dr. Emoto — whose work focuses on the crystalline analysis of water, before and after prayer, meditation, or cognizant intentional thought — to observe how human thought may have the ability to change the properties and constitution of energy and matter.

He noticed that the more positive and affirming the trait on the glass of water, the more perfect, and hexagonal the crystal structures became.  And the ones which were negative, deconstructive thoughts or phrases hardly formed crystals at all.   His idea was connected to a larger hypothesis that if we as humans and our body weight is made up of more than two thirds water — how might the power of thought and intention affect our elemental and chemical makeup, most simply seen in water?  He conducted experiments of water crystallized before and after prayer, as well as to various types of music – since music is, after all, a medium (albeit sonic) which conducts intention, and energy.

While observing the various types of structures which formed to Bach, Mozart, Elvis, to heavy metal — I had this thought of wondering how might my music actually look, if it was captured in this way?  What kind of visual and biological representation might form to the sonic aesthetic of my work?

I contacted IHM Labs in Tokyo Japan, and sent them a sound clip of the 1st cut “Sons Nouveaux” from my last record ( (( PHONATION )) ) — which goes from heartbreakingly beautiful to gnashing gnarly teeth and paper flames:     – which yielded these strange, atypical crystals (as seen above, at top of entry)

Out of the various crystal classifications, which most samples fall squarely within, the observation report indicated my music lived primarily in the “indefinite” category–  which tickles me pink, to think that even across mediums of art, elements, and energy — how what we create and are, and are made of, is consistent through and through.


|> PLAYI was recently given the neat opportunity to curate a small listening party at my friend Josh Bonati’s beautifully pristine mastering studio down in DUMBO – where the Journal of Popular Noise 7″ vinyl master I did with Ben Frost was prepared. What this means: full artistic reign over a pair of 8-ft tall mastering speakers for an hour in which to design an audio journey to a private roomful of folks.

Now, what surprised me, was that people were really taken for a loop with how to react to this party.  I don’t get it.  So what is it? Is there going to be live music? so we’re just going to listen? are you playing original music?  My thoughts: are we really that far into the 21st century of the digital age of feeding forward, and the next next next inertia-making mentality we New Yorkers so torturously love, that we can no longer fathom that time-consuming act of singularly focusing and appreciating music (that’s not promotional)?

The concept is pretty simple: taking it back analog to the good old days when you would invite your friends over to just listen to some records.  What’s been reeling your mind, ruling your world, making you dance in your kitchen, making you feel that much more alive.   Sharing what has fed you, as we are what we eat.

So here are some favorites I’ve collected over the years, seemingly disparate but essentially sequenced: die-hard inspirations, old treasures, new finds, and rarities – passed down by mentors, colleagues, old and new friends, of musics of all shapes and sizes.  All sequenced into a journey of musical diasporas, outlining that very tricky and particular thing we call Taste.

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